Sport Belt Hero™

Made in the U.S.A.
$ 89.00

Introducing our new Sport Belt Hero™. Purchase the most comfortable, advanced compression holster available.  6 sizes, 2 colors with full zipper pocket, Hook & Loop pocket, Key FOB and 3 utility pockets at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. With more features and comfort than ever before and proudly made in the USA, the improved Sport Belt Hero™ is launching at the same price as our standard Sport Belt.

  • Carry up to 2 firearms and 3 magazines, knives, pepper spray, cell phone & more.
  • Non-Slip Silicone Grip keeps your holster in place and magnetic weapon retention.
  • Holstering tabs for safe, easy, heads-up holstering, right appendix & kidney carry.
  • 4” Hook & Loop fastener for secure, adjustable fit.
  • 5” Military Grade elastic holds guns firmly in place.
  • Perfect for weapons under 6.5” in total length.

Testimonials for Sport Belts

When I first found you guys, I wasn’t sure your product was for me. The photos of your webpage show some pretty sexy looking, small size ladies!  I am a “full-figured” 63 year old women who carries a full-sized handgun (a Walther PPQ 9mm Classic). But I decided to take a chance.  Sure glad I did!  I purchased both a Hip Hugger and the Sport Belt, and I love both of them!  Being a large size women, I do not like wearing belts, so traditional holsters are a challenge for me.  I prefer elastic waist pants, so the Hip Hugger works great for me, as I can pull my slacks up over the Hip Hugger holster. And I wear the Sport belt over my exercise pants when I am out for my morning walk. Thanks Can Can!

Cindy B

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