Self-Defense with Fashion Sense!

The companys' mission statement is simple – to help women protect themselves and the ones they love by providing a sophisticated holstering system they’ll want to wear every day. Darlene is happy to say that their holsters are all 'Made in the USA'! She emphasizes, “We believe what’s most important in our holster, is the Woman who’s wearing it.” At Can Can Concealment®....Your comfortable carry is our goal!

After a 40 hour handgun training course Darlene Cary went to several gun stores to look for a holster and was surprised at the lack of options. That's when she designed a holster for herself and Can Can Concealment® was born. She’s been sewing professionally since the age of 14, is an award winning costume designer, author and sewing educator and was seen regularly on national television for over 18 years. Trained in European tailoring and couture, Cary combined her love of shooting and sewing to produce a remarkably secure, comfortable and stylish line of holsters for women.

Designed & Made in the USA