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  • F.A.Q.s

    Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question or just want to chat...please don't hesitate to contact us!

    How long does shipping take?

    Most orders are fulfilled or made within 24-48 hours of being received. All orders ship USPS First Class 3-5 Business Days unless otherwise specified. 

    Which Holster should I select?

    Great Question! We have a holster for every person, every size handgun and every outfit! First, determine what kind of apparel you would like your holster to accompany. If you frequently wear dresses and skirts, select the Garter. If you wear separates, the Hip Hugger® would work well. If you live a more active lifestyle, you may prefer the Sport Belt and if you enjoy wearing layers and enjoy shape-wear, select a corset. 

    Once you have selected the category, you'll need to identify which of the three styles would best suit your weapon. Every holster is available in Micro, Classic or The Big Shebang!® You can see the differences on the top of the category page.

    Finally, you'll need to choose the color you like and the size that will fit your body. For best results, use a measuring tape and consult the sizing chart. If you get stuck and need assistance, we're here to assist  you in finding your perfect fit! 888-753-9298

    How many inches do Size Extenders Add?

    The Extender 6 is the perfect solution for the "In-between" sizes, bridging the gaps from any 2 sizes! The extender comes in all 3 styles; MicroClassic or The Big Shebang!® for Hip Huggers® or Garters and provide 4" of total adjustment with Hook & Eye every .5".

    Can I get a Sport Belt for Left Hand?

    In short, yes! Simply rotate the sport belt 180° and you will have a weapon holster in the Appendix-Left carry position! If you would still like a platform made from scratch, the customization includes a $20 fee. 

    Do you make Custom Orders?

    We certainly do! All our holsters are manufactured in Florida and we will gladly make you the custom holster of your dreams! You can carry multiple items and accessories in our holsters. Think of them as an urban weapons utility platform. Just click the custom order form at the bottom of the page, or give us a call: 888-753-9298

    What is the difference between the Hip Hugger® and Sport Belt?

    Great Question! First of all, the Hip Huggers® and Sport Belts are both available in three different styles. Micro, Classic and Big SheBang!® The differences between the Hip Hugger® and the Sport are found mainly in the closure. The Hip Hugger® has a 3-row hook & eye closure in the front while the Sport Belt has a 4" Velcro closure on the left side. The Hip Hugger® is tapered at the top to fit a woman's curves and the Sport Belt has a straight cut. There are holster openings and mag/accessory pockets all around both items.

    Do I have to wear a Garter Belt with the Garter Holster?

    Our Garter holsters are a stand alone product and the correct size for your firearm will give it ample support. We do however, recommend wearing a Garter Belt for extra security in the event that you had to run unexpectedly or climb stairs, which changes the shape of your thigh muscle. What do you have to lose? They do make a pretty cute pair!

    ALLERGY WARNING: Our holsters contain rubber threads encased in Polyester thread. Although the rubber does not come in contact with your skin, people with severe latex allergies should avoid using products containing latex rubber. Severe allergic reactions can occur.