It's important to care for your concealment wear properly. When washed, dried and stored correctly, your holster will last longer and give more support to both you and your firearms. 

Laundering & Storing Instructions

Regardless of your washing method NEVER use a detergent that contains lanolin and for best results use our Laundry Bag

Hand Washing:

Fill a basin with lukewarm water.
Add a mild (lanolin free) detergent as directed by the manufacturer. 
Fasten the hook and eyes with the holster inside out.
Fold the holster and place inside the zipped laundry bag.
Wash the garment.
Rinse well to remove excess detergent.
Pat dry.  Never wring or stretch .
Lay flat and let dry completely.

Machine Washing:

Hook the garment closed.
Place the garment  into your lingerie bag and zip closed.
Wash in the machine, using an mild (lanolin free) detergent on the delicate cycle with cold water. 
When the cycle is finished, remove the garments from the bag and pat dry. 
Never wring or stretch .
Lay flat and let dry completely.
DO NOT machine dry.

Storing Your Garment:


Store your clean, dry garment by folding or hanging  in a cool, dry location. 
Never store with a gun or magazine in the holster.