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  • Black Garter Belt for Garter Holsters

    Made in the U.S.A.
    Black Garter Belt for Garter Holsters
    $ 20.00
    Made in the U.S.A.

    The Can Can Concealment Garter Belt easily attaches to our Garter Holsters for added security. Minimize slipping during active concealed thigh carry! Beautiful, Sophisticated and Safe!  This attractive yet durable accessory has 3" plush elastic with decorative lace overlay. The Garter Belt fastens comfortably around your waist  with a customizable 3-row, all-metal hook and eye closure. Permanently attached, adjustable, stretch straps with metal hooks easily connect to  the front and  back of the Garter Holster for all-day support. The Garter Belt works on both right and left leg holstering and is the perfect accompaniment to our Garter Holsters. 

    Check out our Sizing Guide to determine what size is right for you!  



      X-Small (19"-22")
      Small (22"-25")
      Medium (25"-28")
      Large (29"-32")
      X-Large (33"-36")
      2X-Large (37"-40")
      3X-Large (41"-46")

      Testimonials for Garters

      My Instagram account is: bullets.n.bows This is me wearing my Smith and Wesson m&p shield 9mm in my Can Can garter holster. I love wearing it with all my warm weather dresses! I love how i can turn the holster to have my firearm in different positions based on how tight or loose my dress fits.

      Just want to open by saying thank you, thank you for making the best concealed carry products for women.  I have two hip huggers and a garter holster and will be adding more to the lineup.  My hip huggers have become part of my every day wardrobe and I don't even realize I have them on.  I am very active, sweat a lot, and they still keep going strong.

      I took these pictures before heading out to mow a couple of days ago.  I am usually in running shorts, but it was a little cooler out that morning.

      Jackie C
      My name is Tanya, I'm from small town Hibbing in northern Minnesota. I love my Can Can Concealment holsters! I have the garter and the Hip Hugger holsters.
      In my photo, I'm carrying my Kimber Micro 9 in the Classic Hip Hugger. My wardrobe varies, but my casual look is pretty simple - leggings and a hoodie! This holster conceals my 9mm handgun in pants that barely conceal my own skin. Pretty impressive! I'd recommend these holsters to anyone.

      Tanya N

      I wear mostly skirts so this holster is absolutely perfect for concealment.  And I just ordered the Can Can thigh holster for when I wear dresses.  Can't wait to try it out!! Thank you!

      Can Can Concealment micro thigh holster 3. I love wearing skirts! Heels, skirt and top from TJ Maxx.

      My name is Marta and I've been using my thigh holster from Can Can Concealment for about 3 months and absolutely love it! I carry my Glock 43 and she fits like a glove.
      Its comfortable and doesn’t budge..even with running up and down stairs...I'm a mover and a shaker ;) .Thank you for making such a great quality product and giving me 
      a stress free summer knowing that I could wear my dresses without having to give concealment any worry

      Marta Keas

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