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Hip Hugger® Elite™

$ 79.00

The brand new Hip Hugger® Elite™ is the pinnacle of on body compression holsters. A refined design with maximized versatility and comfort. Carry your gun and gear in a comfortable deep conceal platform with the best form and function on the market. We use the highest quality materials to provide you with a concealed carry experience like no other.

  • 5" high military-grade elastic holds guns firmly in place and comfortably trims hips.
  • Zipper Pocket for secure storage of your valuables.
  • Key Fob and extra hook & loop pocket for maximum versatility.
  • Double-edged with silicone non-slip Tacti-Grip™ to prevent slipping.
  • Holstering Tabs for safe, easy, no-look weapon holstering.
  • 6-row metal Hook & Eye closure for a secure, adjustable fit.
  • Accommodates up to 2 compact semi-automatics or revolvers and  magazines.
  • Holsters use strong rare earth magnets to aid gun retention while sitting and bending.
  • Designed for right hand draw in both front and back holsters (left available on request, customization fee applies).
  • Holster positions gun to safely cover trigger guard.
  • Holsters positions gun to avoid finger-on-trigger draw; front and back.
  • Magazine pocket is lined for no-scratch storage and removal of magazine.

***IMPORTANT SIZING HELP: Our sizes are based on your measurements in inches. Although we have assigned S, M, L and X-L divisions, they may not be your usual size. It is very important to take accurate measurements 5 Inches above the crease where your legs meet your torso. As we have already taken the stretch of the elastic into account, please do not over-tighten the measuring tape. The Holster is meant to fit snugly so that the weight of your firearm is supported and evenly distributed throughout the unit.

Made in the U.S.A.

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